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Below is a collection of photographs from an album that belonged to Ernst Friedrich Hubert Teschner (born in 1843 in Neuendorf, Prussia, died in 1926 in Albany, Western Australia) and Emma Luise Teschner (née Otto) (born in 1860 in Kernein, Prussia, died in 1937 in Cottesloe, Western Australia). The album was given to them by Emma’s brother, Paul Otto, on the occasion of their marriage in Kernein in 1889.

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The parents of Emma Luise Teschner (née Otto) were Carl Ludwig Ferdinand (Ferdinand) Otto and Friederike Alwine (Alwine) Otto (née Scheer). Ferdinand Otto was a farmer and innkeeper of Kernein, Prussia. The children, the known grandchildren and the known great-grandchildren of Ferdinand and Alwine Otto are as follows.

1. Bertha Alwine Otto

Born on 3 December 1857

Baptised on 18 December 1857 in Kernein, Prussia

Died on 22 April 1858

2. Emil Berthold Otto

Born on 19 December 1858 in Kernein, Prussia

Baptised on 12 January 1859 in Kernein, Prussia

Married Emilie Ottilie Klara Pahl on 7 June 1892 in Frankurt an der Oder, Germany

Died on 20 January 1934 in Eberswalde, Germany

2.1 Mila Martha Helene Annaliese Otto

Born on 9 April 1895 in Mücheln, Germany

Married Wilhelm Ferdinand Gottfried Schneider on 17 May 1921 in Eberswalde, Germany

Died on 6 November 1983 in Eberswalde-Finow, East Germany

2.1.1 Alfred Friedrich Emil Schneider

Born on 15 August 1921 in Eberswalde, Germany

Died on 23 January 1943 in Kamenew, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

2.2 Irmgard Juliane Helene Otto

Born on 16 February 1898 in Zöbigker, Germany

Married Otto Emil Gustav Latta on 27 May 1920 in Eberswalde, Germany (divorced on 8 April 1924 by order of the Court in Prenzlau, Germany)

Married Karl Friedrich Reinhard Rabe on 10 September 1932 in Eberswalde, Germany

Married Erich Max Hermann Weber on 2 November 1946 in Eberswalde, Germany

Died on 4 April 1975 in Eberswalde-Finow, East Germany

2.3 Klara Giesela Otto

Born on 6 October 1901 in Zöbigker, Germany

Married Erich Richard Reinhold Behnisch on 7 October 1930 in Eberswalde, Germany

Married Sempf on 5 July 1946 in Eberswalde, Germany

Died on 18 March 1975 in Eberswalde-Finow, East Germany

3 Emma Luise Otto

Born on 6 June 1860 in Kernein, Prussia

Baptised on 22 June 1860 in Kernein, Prussia

Married Ernst Friedrich Hubert Teschner on 21 March 1889 in Kernein, Prussia

Died on 29 August 1937 in Cottesloe, Western Australia

3.1 Erna Frieda Marie May Violet Teschner

Born on 3 October 1899 in Albany, Western Australia

Married Benjamin George Siward Brooks Mouchemore on 4 December 1921 in Albany, Western Australia

Died on 25 July 1982 in Bentley, Western Australia

3.1.1 Sheila Erna Louisa Ruth Mouchemore

Born on 22 October 1922 in Albany, Western Australia

Married Raymond John Armstrong in 1941 in Western Australia

Died on 14 October 2017 in Bentley, Western Australia

3.1.2 Ashton Benjamin Brooks Mouchemore

Born on 24 May 1927 in Victoria Park, Western Australia

Died on 29 February 1944 in Swanbourne, Western Australia

3.1.3 Lola Dawn Mouchemore

Born on 4 July 1929 in Victoria Park, Western Australia

Married Norman Allen Masters on 25 August 1951 in South Perth, Western Australia

3.1.4 Darren Clive Brooks Mouchemore

Born on 20 August 1938 in Cottesloe, Western Australia

Married Judith Anne Rollings on 19 March 1971 in Scarborough, Western Australia

4 Elisabeth Adelheid Otto

Born on 4 November 1861

Baptised on 3 December 1861 in Kernein, Prussia

Married James Taylor in 1904 in Boulder, Western Australia

5 Hermann Theodor Otto

Born on 9 May 1863 in Kernein, Prussia

Baptised on 26 May 1863 in Kernein, Prussia

Married Anna Klara Sophia Günther on 29 June 1900 in Lychen, Germany

Died on 22 August 1932 in Berlin, Germany

6 Paul Richardt Otto

Born on 8 November 1864 in Kernein, Prussia

Baptised on 4 December 1864 in Kernein, Prussia

Married Friederike Carolina Olga Bertha Pirwitz on 8 January 1895 in Guttstadt, Germany

Died on 12 November 1945 in Berlin-Steglitz, Germany

6.1 Rudolf Ferdinand Paul Curt Otto

Born on 19 March 1896 in Berlin, Germany

Died on 30 October 1916 in Lipiny Dolne, Poland

6.2 Ilse Marie Alwine Olga Otto

Born on 6 March 1902 in Steglitz, Germany

Married Eberhard Heinel on 19 May 1926 in Berlin-Steglitz, Germany

Died on 19 November 1980 in Bad Schwalbach, Germany

6.2.1 Wolfgang Heinel

Born on 9 November 1932 in Berlin-Steglitz, Germany

Married Christa Wosnik in Cologne, Germany

Died on 14 July 1986 in Bad Rappenau, Germany

6.2.2 Ulrich Heinel

Born on 21 May 1936 in Berlin-Steglitz, Germany

Married Ute Dorothea Berga Spanka on 25 June 1964 in Frankurt am Main, Germany

6.2.3 Kurt Heinel

Born on 14 December 1937 in Berlin-Steglitz, Germany

Married Klaudia Elka Brigitte Hoffmann on 3 August 1964 in Kaarst, Germany

Died in 2013

7 Martha Hedwig Otto

Born on 20 March 1867

Baptised on 17 April 1867 in Kernein, Prussia

Married Johannes Ebert on 29 September 1898 in Kernein, Germany

Died on 25 April 1946

7.1 Fritz Ebert

8 Marie Alwine Otto

Born on 2 July 1868

Baptised on 1 August 1868 in Kernein, Prussia

Married Alfred Richter

Died on 23 September 1949 in Ditterhausen, Germany

8.1 Grete Richter

Born on 3 July